How to prepare your home for Virtual Tours and Floor Plans

As your Realtor® has likely told you, HomeSight will be creating an as-built floor plan, photos, and 360° Virtual Tours of your home for use on your agent’s and/or brokerage’s website and print materials, such as flyers and magazines. Here’s what you can do to help us get the best results.

What to expect

A member of our staff will phone you to set an appointment to come to your home. During this appointment, we will use a laser to take exact measurements of both the interior and exterior of your property. Then we’ll shoot photos and 360° virtual tours in several areas inside and outside of your home. We’ll be there roughly 45 minutes, depending on the size of your home.

What you can do to help

  • Please make sure your home is clean and picked up. Any clutter will show up on your tours!
  • If you have pets, please put them in their crate or kennel if at all possible.
  • Please do not have cars parked in the driveway. Photos will look much better with no vehicles in them.

Why we do this

The more information your Realtors’ website contains about your property, the better. Homebuyers find it very convenient to look at the layout of a property without visiting the property. It’s a great way to narrow their home search.

Common Questions

Can I help you do anything while you’re at my house?
Just make sure everything is clean, and give us some space. We’ll move through your home as fast as we can, and drawing accurately requires concentration.

How long until my property is on the internet?
We usually post your floor plan, photos and tours within 48 hours from the time we visit your property. Your agent will let you know when they are live on the internet.

What if the square footage on the floor plan is different than what I thought it would be?
We calculate the square footage of your home based on secondary market guidelines which are the standards used by appraisers. It is not uncommon to have a discrepency in square footage with the public records on file at the courthouse. This is usually due to the fact that local government inspectors rarely access the interior of the home. If there is a large discrepancy (over 100 sq.ft.) with a previous source we will contact your Realtor. If necessary we will send a second staff member to remeasure the home to ensure accuracy.

How is square footage calculated?
If your home is a detached single family residence or zero lot line villa square footage is calculated based on exterior wall dimensions. If your home is a condominium the square footage is calculated based on interior wall dimensions.

Is my finished basement considered to be liveable area?
No, Only above grade areas with normal ceiling height and heat/air conditioning are considered to be liveable area. Your finished basement will be listed as a separate area in the MLS system.

Can you use the blueprints from our homebuilder instead of taking measurements?
Yes, however if you made changes while building the home that are not reflected on the prints the floor plan may not be totally accurate. In these cases we will place a disclaimer on the floor plan that
area was calculated based on the original blue prints.